This is a Femme blog spot for and regarding the Femme Mystique.  Oh and believe me some of you Butches understand us better than we understand ourselves!  I still have many questions to ask  and explore so anyone that has the hutzpah to answer feel free! Occasionally I may have my own take on things as well.    Any and all tech advice is surely welcome not my forte!~

It is a place of expression in all forms, and while sex is not !the whole of us in fact very far from that, it is an important expression of us.  SOOOOO……… we will discuss that at will.  if you are faint of heart don’t bother entering those places.

I do invite everyone to participate in questions and feedback, I know I am going to make some great new friends and that excites me. Join me in this new and exciting adventure of mine.

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Caution Femme at work

Who the Author Is:
I can and will write about many things because many things  are what I am what all Femmes are about what, all humans are about and we cannot be pigeon holed by ourselves or our communities or defined by one small portion of who we are. Our sexuality is only a fraction of our essence.  Our essence is core driven is heart driven and we need to explore that fully.  If we do that then we can enjoy the sexual side of ourselves more fully.

I have been opened up to the realization that I am supposed to write here and now.  I have known that I am supposed to write since I could pick up a pencil.  Did I always listen of course not! That is my nature. This time it is different the Spark within me has slapped me in the face, and sent me  humans that are inspiring and demanding in the most appropriate gentle ways.  These are people who saw my path my abilities before I did, people who encourage me rather than discourages me. People who look at your abilities are so much more pleasant to share your life with than people who point out your disabilities. No I’m not crippled blind or otherwise physically disabled but then we all have our strengths and weaknesses.  I can/am however a deeply spiritual entity having a human experience.  I am learning that it is OK yes good to know your abilities and accept your limitations.  There are many things I would never attempt because I know I wouldn’t do them justice! I have had careers that suprise friends and more than one of them, (that is part of the ADD experience), and few would guess that I am not only an ardent feminist but a Femme Lesbian and  very proud of that fact.   I’ve been out, it seems like forever. I haven’t always been proud to put on the Femme moniker. So now with that out of the way………………..

What am I doing here…….

well I have been encouraged and have seen that it is imperative that we make a way, to show and educate young Lesbians, our Community at large, and the heterosexual community that stereotypes are not what we are. I am going to take part in a project with Wendi Kali the Butch/Femme Project http://astrangerinthisplace.blogspot.com/ and in doing that have been opened up to reading her  blog and know that my words can be as important (if even only to me) as her photos are.  It may take time but I’ll get it done. The Universe places people in our path for unknown reasons to us until we actually stop and listen. Until we go to that silent place and  welcome the ALL into our heads as well as our hearts and souls, along with the people and souls the Universe sends, we will not see what we are suppose to accomplish in this life.   I would like to thank someone special for bringing back out in me the desire to reach out and do what I was meant to do.  Thank you Deb.

  I may just

There will be at times blogs here that you may not want to delve into. I may write erotic stories, love stories, I may just write about what it feels like to be femme on any special day, and I may rant about inequities within our society at large and within the LGBTBF community.  yup did you catch that one… BF is often overlooked!  So as time goes by and I write more pick at your leisure what you wish to read I will “label” the topic appropriately as I post them.

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