dating it’s weird


so I’m new at this, and where it lands who knows but it will land.

Is it me or has dating changed totally since 199_, well since……

I mean when I was younger and that is not saying how young but younger, you met someone you liked you flirted you went out a couple of times and it was or wasn’t. If it wasn’t you met someone new in due time, usually pretty soon.  and if at first you didn’t succeed you tried someone else.  That doesn’t sound right but that is the way it was.

Eventually that person came into your life and you stayed with them until it worked or not.  In my case it worked for 16 years.  This is all unknown territory now.   Never and I mean Never have I been in a dating situation where you dated more than one person at a time.  Not even cordially; it just didn’t happen.  I never expected it out of someone else either.  So, someone was either incredibly good at not letting me know they were seeing someone else, or they weren’t,  Butch or not they weren’t!    I didn’t expect them to be either.

In this day and time am I right in assuming that you are expected to be seeing more than one person until it is spoken out loud that you shouldn’t?  I mean after a couple kisses you would think……..Well maybe not

So why do you feel like a cheat when you go out on a couple of dates and still have plans with someone you made previously?  OK and how do you get over the last one you went out with and fell head over heels with.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh well so many questions someone have an answer?   at least one that is half way logical.


So I went out to the movies and…………..OK so it was nice enjoyable even, and I feel guilty because?         Nope wrong!  I actually have come into the 2100 century.




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