News Flash


News Flash

Good News

Well at least for me this is such a good outlet for the soul!

I now I have been busy and ignoring this for a few days but now I need to TCB  I will be listing several /many topics here that I will be Blogging and Vlogging about.  But even more important will be that I am starting a second Vlogging channel date TBA, featuring short 30 sec. to 1 min. messages called Positive Thought for the Day.  Some will be my pearls of thought (I dare not call them wisdom) and some will be yours and others Pearls of Wisdom and Positivity!  These will be simulcast so to speak here and possibly on the first Vlog though I may keep them seperate.  We shall see!

So keep checking back and will do it as fast as possible.

Vlogging and Blogging topics

1.  Do I (you) wish I was staright

2.   5 Great things about you

3.   5 Great things about anything

4.   Mentoring a young or many young LGBTBFQ member

5.   How would life be if I weren’t out?

6.   How would life be if I weren’t gay/Lesbian

7.  Wendi Kali’s project

8.   Phone Sales people

9.   Cracker Barrel

10.  Chic-Fillet

11.  Weapons in the home the right to bear arms

12.  Mixed Marriages  (socio-economically, educationally, age, racially etc., same sex is a given to me)

13.  Why can’t we shop together?

14.  Are all Butches Anal about house work and cleaning?

15.  Raising gay parents

16.  Raising gay children

17.  Comfortable shoes

18.  Stereotypes

19.  U-hauling

20.  Internet Romance


OK well that’s the list for now       SO PICK ONE ALREADY!!!!!



Whoever you are

Werever you are


I’m outa here



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