The Eyes Have It

Those eyes those piercing into your soul eyes that look right through you;

Now how am I suppose to be coy and pretend you don’t wake up every cell in my being?

How am I suppose to be the Femme that I THINK you want me to be?


I see you want me to be ME


That hasn’t been the prevalent thought of my encounters lately!

Or is it; and the Universe said you can’t realize that yet because I haven’t introduced you to her yet.

You can’t know you have to be you again until Until

She is ready ………………………………….until time is yours

Until being real is realized

You can’t be femme and dig in the dirt, you can’t be femme and lift that box. you can’t be femme and  you can’t be femme if you wear comfortable shoes and not not ask for help and and and and;

The Universe knows me

The Universe knows that I would raise my fist in anger after I was riled up enough and say

“I’ll do what I damn well please and you can’t tell me no!”

I’ll write my book, I’ll tell the story, I’ll wear my hair the way I like it and I’ll even keep it blonde

(let’s fool them all and show them how SMART Blondes really are)

I’ll being a Church going,

Unity loving,

Tree hugging Womyn,

who loves men for their personage

(I may not want to get too close physically…. or fall in love with one but I will love their humanity)

I don’t have to be a male basher, and I dare you to tell me that I do.

I don’t need anyone to be happy or complete, but having that someone is  a gift from Godess.

I can be radical,

I can be loud,

I can cook and clean

and do the yard work,

I can be a damn good Grandma and Mother and Teacher and Lover and Partner or Wife or Spouse or whatever I want to be, if I just tell the truth about me.


                I must not tell the truth about me

You see what I have learned over and over again

This time Again…. reminded again that I must live the real me, the authentic me, the me that I agreed to be when Spirit came to this body

When I contracted to live

I have learned That I prosper by being me

And that the only thing the only false thing about me will be my eyelashes!

Not always easy….

ALWAYS EXCITING always a blessing always full of love just being ME

I will live as I Damn well please

Staring into those deep blue pools that I know see into the depths of my soul  that have felt the pain; that have known the challenge; and that welcome the honesty, and DESPISE the game playing, staring into  the eyes that challenge and dance and say

Just live

The beauty of it is that doing what I damn well please is not only what the Universe says I should do but it is what she likes about me the most.

Fortunately for her that means cooking and nurturing and caring for, and loving and being alive

Because doing what I damn well please is,

simple and true and REAL

So Pierce away                         dig deep               and dig hard,               I am willing to be seen as Me

Because I know that it is me that you will Love

and not a fictional character that ANY society or person has said I should be

I have decided that NO ONE     can

SHOULD on me

Especially ME

And I know that because,

your eyes tell me that YOU never would!

I believe in Pool gazing

                                                                                                        It wakens me to TRUTH


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