So I begin………

Labels……I used to hate them with a passion and sometimes still do.  But….always a but ………..of late I have learned to embrace 2 of them BUTCH.….FEMME. 
No you don’t have to be one or the other of them to be a Lesbian, but it isn’t wrong to be one or the other of them either.  Being Butch does not equate with TG! Being Butch does not mean cross dressing, dyke, dominant or deisel! Being Femme does not equate with subservient, bisexual, confused, grappling, and meek or any other adjective.  We like lipstick, hair, clothes, breasts, good looking women,(especially butch women but we look at all women just like every other lesbian), we may prefer cooking to car mechanics, style magazines rather than rugby, but we like baseball sailing and any number of things just like the rest of the community. We are comfortable with our femininity and see that we are more comfortable with that side of our being than the masculine side of ourselves.  Not to say we don’t recognize that part of us we just like showing our femme side more it is us.  We are pleased when our partner, our love interest shows their comfort ability with their masculine side.  We love that they think like a woman and have a woman’s heart and mind, I am so tired of saying this but I will until it no longer needs to be said, ‘If I wanted a man I would go out and get one!’

(Florida it’s truly not the south ya’ll!)  I have never encountered so many labels.  I also had no need for them.  I was married twice once for 13 years and once for 16.  I was not emerged into the community because we were happy at home with an equal number of straight and family friends.  Also in a community where overt activism would, could DID severely damage our careers.  I guess now it’s time to turn the tables and use what has been given me as an asset and not a deterrent to my success, and to help others in the process.  WE all of us, can make a difference no matter how old or young we are, it is never the end not even after life here is over, what we leave behind makes a difference! If labels help us then put one on me……..
I am a 
FEMME Lesbian and Proud  
                                                                    I prefer a simple statement however  
   I AM

to be cont:


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