The Sting

Missing you                                                    Is eternal

It is the hell of my existence

                                                                            like the sting of a Wasp

Never leaving my mind

                                                                            How sweet the situation

That brought me into your grip

                                                                            How bitter the parting

When you pulled away from me

                                                                            Leaving us both used up

Your stinger firmly implanted

                                                                           You wouldn’t let me leave

You would not let go

                                                                           The long red trail of reminder

Still streaks up my arm

                                                                            From the venom of our love

And into my heart for an eternity

                                                                           You never go away                       

you are mine forever

                                                                            For better or for worse

If only in my memory



The wind blew you into my world


Changed the way I perceived reality


Suddenly a cloud covered

You up

Swallowed you whole

and reality sunk in

There is no Reality

Only perception

And love is only where you

See it.

I need new lenses

In these damn glasses.