Tell me  why  and I cant rest                                                                                                             oH

Tell me any little lie to make me happy

Perhaps  I wil believe it

Not that I won’t know it’s a lie Just that it will be comforting that you thought enough of the situation

To put forth the effort

Tell me why is it that I can’t

When all I want to do is do

Tell me why I over think and then screw up what means most  to me; even if not you

Tell me why sleep is such a distant entity

When it is the reality of us all in the end in one way or another

Just make it up

Just  tell me everything will be fine and that your there for me as I know

I am there and here and always for you

Well then I would be telling you a lie

That is what you think don’t you

But at least I think enough of you to do that

Too many things running in y head

Too many things going on for the bed

Put me to sleep with kisses if only in my head kisses that reach the soul of me the depth of me the loins of me

Caress me with hands that know no bounds

Adeptly wear me out till I can’t open my eyes

And when it’s all over it’s ok just lie to me

Because if you tell me those lies long enough

I will believe them

And maybe just maybe so will you


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