Untitled 2010

This Untitled poem was written by MainelyButch in 2010  her blog is mainlybutch.wordpress.com



You sense I’m coming round


Lately, nowhere to be found


But my steps coming near


And only your ears shall hear


As I knock upon your door


Feet floating across the floor


You answer in a gown so white


Visions of power at midnight


Let me in to be with you


Erasing your mood so blue


Let me take you into my arms


And work my magic charms


As I force you to the floor


Kicking closed that old door


And you stare straight up at me


I want to be all you can see


Sweet eyes pleading for more


Pleasure yearning to be free


Our unbroken silence is golden


It is you that I am now holding


Your fear of me subsides


Stars reflecting in your eyes


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