OK so you want your femme to be a lady but do you want her to tak dirty? Do you want her to take charge in bed?

 Grrls love bad bois  but do Bois love Bad Grrls?

My answer yes but usually only for a night unless they fall for the good girl first and then turn her (or at least think that they turn her) nto THEIR bad girl.

older questions here but feel free to answer them!

As a femme do you find accepting it easier to have Butch friends or Femme friends?

Can you actually have a butch friend without romantic or physical attraction?

As a Butch do you find it easier to have Femme friends or Butch Friends?

Can you actually have a femme friend without romantic or physical attraction?

2 thoughts on “QUESTION OF THE DAY

  1. OK, here goes. I ‘ll answer the ‘Butch’ questions! I mean after all I’am.

    Question/answer #1 YES, I appreciate my girl to ba a lady, especially in public. What’s that they say about ‘The company you keep’ ? It’s a good or bad reflection on us.
    At home, behind closed doors….feel free to be your sexy sultry self. It’s good for her to take charge at times. A little tease, a little chase…..

    # 2 I do love the ‘Bad girl’ image,…..but only for me 😉 If she is that way with others, she will protray herself as ‘easy’. Not the kind of person I would take home to meet my family.

    # 3 I do love the femminine connection. I find it pretty much just as easy to have femme friends as well as my butch buds. Maybe a tad easier for us boi’s tho because of, we don’t have that foo foo stuff going on to distract us. lol
    I have many femme friends whom I adore BUT no,….not always an attraction, nor do I feel that need I have to sleep with all of them.

    Hope this was helpful 🙂

    # 3 I love the connection with femminine women in general.

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