Conversion Therapy




Lady J

Being a Libertarian I am usually adamantly opposed to any regulation, legislation socialization or government control or intrusion into my private life; especially my religious freedoms and my sex life, anything personal.

How I raise my children is /was my business as long as they were well cared for physically and mentally.  Conversion Therapy is different it makes me scream out for its abolition. It is tantamount to child abuse.  Legislation for Child safety is one of the only legislations that I agree with.    I believe that no child would want to be gay.  They just are WE JUST ARE.    I believe that 90% of the LGBT community is born LGBT we do not choose.  The other 10% or so is here due to abuse or life circumstances such as rape or incest and some may have behavioral problems but they are few and far between and unfortunately the subject of scrutiny, and spotlighted.    No one in their right mind would choose this life it is hard, and all any child or adolescent wants is love and acceptance from their peers and family.

Conversion is a bogus therapy.  If these believers in it think this is behavioral then they must do a self-inventory; a review of their own parenting abilities and see that they are doing something Wong to bring about a gay child.  Well that is of course unless the child was born that way!  You must question your ability to parent as I question your ability to parent!

As a parent I would not choose for my children to be gay, (but then again it’s not my choice).  I want my children to grow up in a balanced well-adjusted environment that is the easiest for them.  If any of my children came to me and told me they were gay I would extend to them even more empathy and assistance because it is so much harder for us in the LGBT community.  Would I love them more or less unequivocably NO!  I love all my children equally ….. Different but……EQUALLY.

Neither I nor anyone else can change what God has made, that is to say Mother/Father God made a mistake, and the loving God of my life makes no mistakes.  The loving and vengeful God of our haters makes no mistakes either and for them to try to change what He has done is blasphemous, by their own beliefs.  If the society started determining what a mistake is will we then start infanticide for everything we deem not normal?  Who gets to decide what is normal or defective?  By classifying “normal” are we setting precedent for fixing defects?  The most artistic and genius humans throughout history have been Asexual or Homosexuals.  Thank all that is good for their being.

Conversion therapy doesn’t work because there is nothing wrong; no disorder no disease to cure with it.  Homosexuality was taken out of the DDSM decades ago, it is not recognized as a psychiatric illness.  All conversion therapy does for children is create illness, it takes away their dignity, self-worth,  self-esteem, it invalidates their sense of being, teaches them to hide their feelings, lie, and be someone something they are not.  All conversion therapy does is make messed up adults. These adults then need more psychiatric help more substance abuse help, puts more strain on the justice system, requires more public assistance; it puts more of a burden on our entire social system.

What is the cure for conversion therapy…..?


Convergence therapy will bring you closer to your child not separate you from them.  Convergence therapy will teach acceptance and love.  This is the therapy that teaches the unconditional love that Christians preach Jesus/God is; and this unconditional love can be gotten through understanding one another.

It is the job of the parent to protect and help your children grow into well-adjusted self-sufficient healthy contributing members of society.

That is along with your own show of love your only true responsibility, and purpose in life as it is with me.


So if you won’t protect them then I certainly will do my best to do it for you!

Until then I have to say that while I don’t agree with these folks I will love them where they are at, and continue to pray for their awakening!

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