I sent this to a friend and another thought I should post it here so I am the names removed and the digits changed!   to protect the innocent
I will text when I can but my darn cell phone is on the fritz, should have it back by Friday. Feel naked without it! (No wise cracks!) I have a house phone set up with the cable thank Godess whew I’d be really messed up without it. You are welcome to that and I will give you the other when I can. 999-555-7766 (NOT REAL NUMBER)
Funny thing about this Global community it really is a very small world after all, just like the Disney song! I am so looking forward to making friends and aquaintenses on youtube. All the issues are big to me. It is like a million questions and ideas just randomly appear in my head space.
The support and spirituality ones are big to me because I believe they are so overlooked by us. We are so cast out and thrown to the curb by mainstream organizations, and they only want us so they can “help” us, or to make themselves feel better. There is very little Unconditional acceptance and love out there in the church community.
Until I moved to Florida I didn’t have any idea that there was a mainstream church that would accept us. Here there is MCC and Unity. MCC is more mainstream Christian and Unity is more Spiritual/Metaphysical (actually we are considered New Thought a turn of the century 20th not 21st movement). I love that because I question everything and don’t believe there is any one right way. I digress! LOL….. anywaaay……(in my best Ellen impression) every issue is important especially to young people so they don’t feel the invalidation we have experienced, and they can feel an integral part of the local and global community.
If you feel like mentoring me a bit in Vlogging and movie making that would be cool. hint hint Let me know which topic you think would be good for this Femme to really tackle in depth for a next serious VLOG. Oh yeah my Cousin lives near Portsmouth how cool is that! Hope the  apt. went well.
whoever you are and wherever your at  I love you right where you’re at I’m Outa Here
Lady J


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