So  time to write again.  I sat and disussed so many issues with my muse and the one thing that comes up every time is why the spiritual side of our being so often brushed asde.  Is it societies attitude in general, or is it that society  has us believing what they have to say is true.   Where do we go to get our spiritual nourishment?   Where are we welcome to go?
We are generally seen as sexual beings or better yet as sexual deviants.  In that aspect society shuns  us from their established houses of worship, and leaves it to our own accord.  Is that all bad? The answer is Yes and NO. Hopefully those answers won’t be provided by a group of narrow minded holier than thou folks who can’t see God in any one different from themselves.  When left on our own as a young LGBT person like any other young adult we crave answers.   Our community is responsible to offer any variety of answers to those questions. We can not magically build Churches, but we can find churches of acceptance, start study groups in our homes.

Hopefully those answers are not that we are second class citizens relegated to the back alley bars and hang outs of yesteryear, with lower moral values than the heterosexual community.  Hopefully those answers will be that we are productive members of society with abilities above and beyond what we could ever imagine. Yes when we  see each other as whole and good/ others can see the spark of God/ess the perfectness of our creation.  We need community to uphold the good beliefs of self, that are often so fragile due to outside influences.  So  WHERE ARE ALL OF  MOTHER GOD’S HELPERS?  Shouldn’t  we look at that as being GodMothers.

We are in those bars and also in Mingles and Dances and Camp outs, fishing piers and all the  gatherings.  We need to be available to young women everywhere with good attitudes and good work  ethics good morals and great self esteem. We need to be in schools and business’ and health care establishments.  Every action we take is more scrutinized  than those of the straight world, which makes us more responsible than our hetero contemporaries.  That may be wrong but it is what it is.  We need to be out and loud and not afraid to let the community at large know we are as or more“normal” in our everyday life as everyone else is.  Show your Godess self let it be seen !

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