Spoken Word


by  Lady J



To be open
to be closed
isolated, tucked away from all that creates what is
hurt healed open closed
knowing and not knowing
thinking that you know
when it is only what you have perceived

Creation in process
birth and death
self destruction happening without assistance
hurts not heals closes not opens
obtuse numb obtunded to self
rapidly dying to ones awareness
When you were not aware of errant thought processes

Knowledge foreign
awaiting realization
cognisance,sensibility, understanding yet again foreign
enlightening essential as breath
intolerance stunting growth
complacency begins destruction
internal combustion brewing from overloaded circuitry

ensues a beginning
progresses an ending
languidly waiting for change without participation
a self indulgent dreamer
begets results not anticipated
magnanimous donor of love
SELF IMPOSITION of necessity self reliability essential

Now open
No longer closed
Knowing seclusion forces isolation without question
Open synapses closes ignorance
reception languidly settles into reality
realization enlightens fallacious musings
Life becomes methodical and ordered in asynchronous measure

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