My Addiction


by    Lady J

It is a time of reflection

This time I have to go to another dark place

I must go inside

Quiet and dark and pensive

A place that I can not escape

A place that makes me angry at self

A place that reminds me I am not in control

And then I remember I am freer when I am enslaved

I don’t have to make decisions

They flow like the water off a snow capped mountain

They just happen

They are just handed down

The stress of them does not enfold me

I return to this place of enslavement

Where I am given to surrender

I let go and say ‘whatever’

I live for this I am owned by this

I must have it so I must not fight it

Without it I am nothing

What is it?


It belongs to me


I KNOW WHAT MY ADDICTION IS DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOURS IS?  Get over it yes you have one we all do and you are no better than I

Some are addicted to drugs some alchohol others tobacco some food some sex some love all air all water all in living

Some are stronger addictions than others  some of us only surrender to 3 some of us to 5 or 6 or 7

Get off of your high and mighty horse

Your addiction to feeling superior

Don’t you see the higher you sit

The harder the landing when your addictions pull you down

I know my addiction

It is not what you think it is

Yet if I give it up

I will crumble in a heap of sorrow and destruction

It is not  yours

It is mine and mine alone to deal with

Or to not deal with

Unless of course you, and how you make me feel

Are the addiction


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