Rise Above

Rise Above

Some people think they are so incredibly smart

as to get over on you ,


           in actuality

                                 YOU are  allowing them

                                                                             mainely what They wish to  do

and that Is

                                                                                                                                 to  sink beneath the energy level at which you currently resonate

and to wallow in their own low level thinking,

                                                     of how to conive to get their own selfish desires

so that they may learn

                                   and one day actually rise up

to a level they are entitled to enjoy.

                                                        Rather than pretend they are at a place that they are not.

I am thankful for this

                                 As it shows just how far

I have come out of the depths of


So I will keep your measly pittance of

                                                              delusional self proclaimed importance

as a reminder

                        and every month I will say

Thank you Devine

                             For the knowledge that

I have been saved

                                                                                                                               from energy which destroys

Rather than nourishes

                                     that I need not feed off of others


                                      that I am able to give to feed others

Yes we all know Someone


                                                       So I say to you

Be thankful

That you too can rise above.